EMSC Freestyle Snowboard Team

FreeStyle Team Philosophy

Be Brave.  Take risks. Have fun.  Nothing can substitute experience.

We believe that through fun experiences, instilling confidence, and pushing the limits in a safe and controlled environment we are able to take any skier or rider to the next level.

Our programs are geared towards the competitive freestyle and free ride worlds, however, races are optional (although highly encouraged.)  They provide valuable learning experiences we want our young athletes to personally experience.  The more things we experience, such as winning respectfully or losing gracefully, at the younger ages, the better prepared we will be in the future.

Participation in a team greater than its individual parts provides us the foundation to encourage social development, cooperation with others, create life-long friendships, and develop leadership skills, work ethics and community involvement.  We focus on smart-decision-making, building confidence, exploring the unknown and encourage risk-taking in a safe environment while having a blast!

The freestyle/freeride snowboard program is currently geared towards 9-14 year old boys and girls. Our current focus is the entry-level introduction into the competitive world. All team athletes must be proficient all-mountain riders. They need to consistently connect turns in trees, bumps, and hold an edge while connecting carves on blue runs. They should be comfortable connecting switch turns on all groomed runs.

Minimal experience is required for the terrain park. This is what we are geared to teach and coach! If you’ve never hit a box or a rail before, awesome! We want you! If you can hit 30 foot kickers or spin 540s off small jumps, awesome! We want you!

Since our program is designed for both freestyle and freeride, we will make daily team decisions on what our focus for the day should be. Usually, we hit trees, bumps, side kickers, or fun logs we find (or build) on the way to the terrain parks or half pipe. This way we get to practice both freeride and freestyle in one run keeping it fun, different, and interesting each time! However, if it’s a powder day… we are NOT going to hit the park! We’ll have fun exploring the mountain looking for fresh tracks to destroy!

We will have about 4-5 Sundays for informal competitions at Copper, Breckenridge, A-Basin, keystone, and possibly host our own event at Eldora to prepare for throughout the season – each will be different from the other to provide diversity so our young athletes can decide on their own which discipline they prefer to focus on in the future. For the more advanced riders, the more challenging IFSA, USASA, or USSA level events could be an option for those interested but will incur registration fees and possibly transportation/room-and-board costs for overnight trips.

King Soopers Cards

king_sooper_cardHelp EMSC raise funds for training equipment, facilities and athlete scholarships, and earn work credits! All you have to do is purchase a gift card for $5 (comes pre-loaded with $5) and re-load it to pay for your groceries. Each month our club loads more than $5000, King Soopers pays us 5% of the total.

Purchase Card

  • Dates:
  • Early Bird Price
  • Price after 10/1
  • Days on Snow:
  • Race Series:
  • Dry Land Training (recommended) Aug. - Nov.
  • Early Season On Snow (recommended)
  • Van Fees
  • Work Credit Obligation
  • Lift Tickets/Passes
1 Day Competitive
  • Dec. 9th, 2017 - April 15th, 2018
  • $1895
  • $1995
  • ~35
  • Rocky Mountain Freestyle Series
  • Apex/Shedders
  • TBD
  • Not Included
  • 4 Work Credits / Family
  • Not Included
2 Day Competitive
  • Nov. 18th, 2017 - May 2018
  • $2845
  • $2995
  • ~50
  • Apex/Shedders
  • TBD
  • Not Included
  • 5 Work Credits / Family
  • Not Included