About Us

"We Build Champions in Sport and Life"

About Us

Eldora Mountain Ski Snowboard Club (EMSC) began in 1975 as the Lake Eldora Race Team Association, or LERT.  Over time, the team grew and developed, expanding with new and different programs that offered more to athletes.  In the past 10 years, EMSC has emerged as a top team and program in the Rocky Mountain Division.  Our programs have experienced tremendous growth and success, and we’re proud to work with a professional, dedicated staff that demonstrates the necessary credentials and experience for a top-level, athlete centered program.

EMSC offers programs in Junior Race, Core, and Ability.  We also offer our Ski and Snowboard Freestyle/Freeride program (aka EMSC Free Team) that consists of Slopestyle, Big Air, Skier/Boarder Cross, and Big Mountain. 

Junior Race, Core, and Ability programs range from an introduction to ski racing on weekends to full-time team programs which compete at the highest levels on the national and international stage.  These programs focus on skill development in alpine fundamentals with a focal point on balance.  Balance is one of the most important skills taught by our world-class coaches both on and off the mountain.  Athletes can expect to learn and excel in designing, setting, and racing gates.  With attention to fundamentals we strive to create a learning environment that encourages these kids to be confident, be strong, and be themselves.

The EMSC Free Team offers diverse programming that covers all disciplines of freeriding.  This is an entry level program into the world of competitive freeriding.  Our team of talented coaches help athletes expand their skills through on snow and dryland training.

Through experience and professional coaching, athletes learn to hit rails, drop cliffs, send jumps, and become a safe and experienced all-mountain rider. The EMSC Free Team will provide the knowledge and expertise to help athletes gain the skills and confidence necessary to nail tricks with technique and style.

The team offers a variety of opportunities for aspiring freestyle and freeride athletes to learn more about the sport, advance their abilities, make new friends, and be a part of a positive team atmosphere.  Maturing athletes also have the opportunity to participate in mentoring programs where they can become junior coaches to gain the knowledge and skill to become successful coaches upon graduation from our program.  

All of these programs are built to introduce kids and young adults to the competitive world of skiing and snowboarding.  We offer an array of programs to a diverse group of athletes with a wide range of ability.  We take pride in opening the opportunity to all kids no matter their financial background to experience these amazing sports.  In a sport that can have economic barriers, our approach is to offer world class coaching, equipment, and transportation to/from the mountains at an affordable price.



Our organization is dedicated to providing opportunities and inspiring our youth athletes to attain their goals in sport and in life. 

Our programs are designed to develop kids and young adults into strong individuals that can carry the skills they learn with them through their careers and through their lives.  Our mission also includes:

Ø  Provide low cost and no cost athletic opportunities to the youth of Colorado to get them active and improve their overall well-being.

Ø  Remove economic barriers to participation in youth sport.

Ø  Teach and encourage the athletes to have respect for the sport, others, and themselves.

Ø  Consistent engagement in community involvement. 

Matt Tomasko

Executive Director, Matt Tomasko, has led the way for kids and young adults to explore the outdoors for over 3 decades.  His sheer dedication to snow sports is undeniable and shines through his bright smile on and off the mountain.  His credentials are a mile long including being a highly recognized PSIA Trainer for both children and adults to having the USSA Level 400 Alpine Coaches Certification.  He currently serves on the USSMA (skimo) committee, as well as, the Rocky Mountain Division for age class racing.  He has extensive experience working with children with many years at BVSD as a Physical Education Teacher.  

Matt is truly the glue that holds together The Lake Eldora Race Team, which consists of Eldora Mountain Ski and Snowboard Club (EMSC) and Singletrack Mountain Bike Adventures (SMBA).  He is an outdoor enthusiast who offers a broader and deeper understanding of the ski/snowboard industry, including all the competitive judging bodies.  He is down to earth and has an authentic approach to overseeing this organization.