• Part-Time U19 Ability Program
    • Dryland Dates: August 5th, 2019-December 13th, 2019
    • On-snow Dates: Mid-late October- May 2020
    • Description: The U19 Part-Time Program will support continued FIS and National race development and fundamentals for the competitive athlete. Weekend and occasional weekday training elements will include mostly early morning training slots, along with pre-season fall on-snow training depending on snow conditions. U19 part-time athletes will work in conjunction with the U19 full-time athletes for training blocks in order to enhance tactical and technical related skills, pace, intensity, and timing. Skill acquisition will focus on continued fine motor skill development in GS and SL (occasional SG and DH, depending on progression and space), pressure into the fall line, and all-mountain versatility. The U19 part-time program serves as a platform for continued progress into the full-time program, with upper level FIS events, National races, regional projects, speed refinement, confidence, and commitment.
  • Full-Time U19 Ability Program
    • Dryland Dates: August 5th, 2019-December 13th, 2019
    • On-snow Dates: Mid-late October 2019- May 2020
    • Description: The U19 Full-Time Program work specifically with the athlete committed to excellence, training, fun, and dedication to the sport of alpine ski racing. U19 athletes at EMSC have an incredible opportunity unlike most in the country to be skiing in conjunction with the NCAA CU Division 1 Alpine Team at Eldora Mountain. The focus will be directed towards teamwork, personal ownership and responsibility for skill acquisition, commitment to the competitive athlete pipeline and race calendar, while training up to five to six days a week on snow, starting the ski season in October (depending on snow), and concluding in May. Training, team travel, racing and speed projects will support the RMD FIS and National race calendar, in which EMSC will be in attendance at all events. It is in no means a requirement to ski FIS, as there are many opportunities for National races. Individual goal setting, training/competition objectives, and calendar management will focus specifically on the individual’s strengths, areas of improvement, skill set and overall goals for the program. Athletes should expect to commit to weekday and weekend training sessions (occasional early morning sessions) where athletes focus on the tactics and technique of GS and SL, and occasional SG and DH depending on progression and space. Additionally, athletes should expect to maintain a 3.0 average in school, as well as budget/manage training, travel, competition, communication with coaches, and academics. The U19 program is a stepping stone to continued success after high school where athletes can compete in a competitive Post Graduate program at EMSC or elsewhere, as well as the potential ability to ski at the levels of NCAA, USCSA, World Pro Ski Tour, or other recreational events throughout the country.

King Soopers Fundraiser


Go to:


Log in or Create an account. You’ll need either you KS card # or your alternate ID, usually a phone #.

Once your account is created, go to ‘Savings & Rewards’, click on ‘King Soopers Community Rewards’.

In the search field enter our name Lake Eldora Racing Team Association or JX838 and click on enroll.

EMSC/SMBA starts earning money and EMSC parents can earn a work credit or credits depending on how much you spend. No more buy a $5 card and load it, reload it etc. Just use your normal KS card/phone number!

  • Dates:
  • Early Bird Price
  • Price after 10/1
  • Days on Snow:
  • Race Series:
  • Dry Land Training (recommended) Aug. - Nov.
  • Early Season Training 10/28 - 11/12
  • Lights on Chute (recommended) 1/9 - 3/15
  • Van Fees
  • Race Day Fees
  • Work Credit Obligation
  • Lift Tickets/Passes
Part Time
  • Nov. 16th, 2019 - May 1st, 2020
  • $4460
  • $4695
  • 68
  • FIS / NorAM
  • Variable - Monday - Friday
  • Included
  • Variable - See Lights on Chute Section
  • Not Included
  • $25/day
  • 6 Credits Per Family
  • Not Included
Full Time
  • Aug. 5th, 2019 - May 1st, 2020
  • $8165
  • $8595
  • 130
  • FIS / NorAM
  • Included
  • Included
  • Included
  • Included
  • Included
  • 8 Credits per Family
  • Not Included