Entry Level Ski Programs

EMSC is dedicated to developing Champions for Life. We offer programs to progress athletes from entry level through national-level competition. We provide entry level training in both alpine ski racing as well as freestyle. These programs introduce athletes to the sport, training practices, safety protocols and competition, and provide the the fundamental skills required to progress to higher level participation.

Jr Race Program (Alpine Skiing)

The Junior Race Program serves as an “Intro to Race” program, which meets 18 Saturdays starting Dec. 10th, 2017 at Eldora Resort. Holiday camp is included with the program, and optional Sunday races with an end of season Finale round out the season. Skill development focuses on Alpine Fundamentals, balance, all mountain skiing. Technical aspects include slalom training, giant slalom training, intro to Kombi courses, as well as fundamentals related to timing, pole plant, terrain navigation, line and most importantly FUN! The Jr. Race program is limited to 160 participants, and focuses on the Youth Ski League racing calendar (YSL). “One” all mountain ski is appropriate for this program, while some athletes may have a slalom / giant slalom specific ski (not required). The Holiday camp is also included in this program. Dec. 27th – Dec. 29th.

FreeStyle Skiing

Be Brave.  Take risks. Have fun.  Nothing can substitute experience.

We believe that through fun experiences, instilling confidence, and pushing the limits in a safe and controlled environment we are able to take any skier or rider to the next level. Our programs are geared towards the competitive freestyle and free ride worlds, however, races are optional (although highly encouraged.)  They provide valuable learning experiences we want our young athletes to personally experience.  The more things we experience, such as winning respectfully or losing gracefully, at the younger ages, the better prepared we will be in the future.

Participation in a team greater than its individual parts provides us the foundation to encourage social development, cooperation with others, create life-long friendships, and develop leadership skills, work ethics and community involvement.  We focus on smart-decision-making, building confidence, exploring the unknown and encourage risk-taking in a safe environment while having a blast!