Eldora Mountain Ski & Snowboard Freestyle & Freeride Team (EMSC Free Team)

Build Confidence. Have Respect. Enjoy FUNdamentals

The EMSC Free Snowboard Team offers diverse programming that covers all disciplines of freeriding: slopestyle, big air, boarder cross, carve, and big mountain. This is an entry level program into the world of competitive freeriding, but all athletes joining should be competent all-mountain riders. Our team of proficient coaches help athletes expand their skills through on snow and dry land training.

Through experience and professional coaching, athletes learn to hit rails, drop cliffs, send jumps, and become a safe and experienced all-mountain rider. The EMSC Free Snowboard Team will provide the knowledge and expertise to help athletes gain the skills and confidence necessary to nail tricks with technique and style.

The team offers a variety of opportunities for aspiring freestyle and freeride athletes to learn more about the sport, advance their abilities, make new friends, and be a part of a positive team atmosphere.

Carving is one of the most important things to learn and master on a snowboard.  We are introducing CARVE to the EMSC Free Snowboard  Team and will have designated training times for athletes to learn and execute the proper technique to make solid carved turns on their snowboards.  We will have lane space with gates and professional coaches to assist in skill progression.  Carve allows more speed to be carried through the turn, helps athletes slice through bad patches without fear, and ride smoother, with finesse, rather than wrestling with the board.  Carving helps athletes become better, more controlled all mountain riders no matter what discipline they decide to focus on.

Team participation gives athletes the opportunity to develop their personal riding style, learn about competing in a variety of disciplines, and identify where their true passion lies. Our certified coaches work with each athlete to help them meet season goals and prepare them to compete. More experienced athletes may already have a favorite style and spend more time training and developing their skills necessary to compete within their chosen discipline. It is highly recommended that all athletes compete in at least one competition.

  • One Day Competitive Team (Saturday OR Sunday)
  • Two Day Competitive Team (Saturdays AND Sundays)
  • Dry land Training at Progresh is offered in one- or two-day sessions per week.
  • Early Season Training
  • Thanksgiving and Holiday Camps
  • Athletes MUST hold a Competitor’s Membership – USASA and/or IFSA

All team athletes must be proficient all-mountain riders. They need to consistently connect turns in trees, bumps, and hold an edge while connecting carves on blue runs. They should be comfortable connecting switch turns on all groomed runs.   

For additional information or questions contact lex@lertprograms.com

King Soopers Fundraiser


Go to:


Log in or Create an account. You’ll need either you KS card # or your alternate ID, usually a phone #.

Once your account is created, go to ‘Savings & Rewards’, click on ‘King Soopers Community Rewards’.

In the search field enter our name Lake Eldora Racing Team Association or JX838 and click on enroll.

EMSC/SMBA starts earning money and EMSC parents can earn a work credit or credits depending on how much you spend. No more buy a $5 card and load it, reload it etc. Just use your normal KS card/phone number!

  • Dates:
  • Early Bird Price
  • Price after 10/1
  • Days on Snow:
  • Race Series:
  • Dry Land Training (recommended) Aug. - Nov.
  • Early Season On Snow (recommended)
  • Van Fees
  • Work Credit Obligation
  • Lift Tickets/Passes
1 Day Competitive
  • Nov. 16th, 2019 - April 11th, 2020
  • $2347
  • $2470
  • 40
  • Progresh
  • $225 Nov. 2nd- Nov. 15th (Saturdays & Sundays-Half Days)
  • Not Included
  • 4 Work Credits / Family
  • Not Included
2 Day Competitive
  • Nov. 16th, 2019 - April 11th, 2020
  • $3396
  • $3575
  • 55
  • Progresh
  • $225 Nov. 2nd- Nov. 15th (Saturdays and Sundays-Half Days)
  • Not Included
  • 5 Work Credits / Family
  • Not Included