Kevin Gawenus

I grew up ski racing in the rain (followed by ice) that was Upstate NY, followed by even better conditions in the mid-Atlantic during College on the then NCSA (USCSA) circuit. I transitioned to the coaching side after college; initially full time in Lake Tahoe, before dialing that back for further school and career. I have been with LERT since 1998 when I first arrived in Colorado. I have held many roles both on the hill and off as a coach, Director of the Jr Race program, as an Official at too many races to count and on the board in all officer roles, currently as the long time Treasurer.  I live in Lafayette with my wife and son, finally having an athlete in the program! I look forward to ensuring the foundation remains strong while pushing forward so LERT has some of the best programming in the country with a diverse array of options for all who are interested in the personal as well as physical skills taught daily in our outdoor classrooms.