Kreighton Bieger

Bio – 
This is my third year coaching for EMSC, and my family’s sixth season in the program. What I know of EMSC and ski racing I have learned in this program, talking to other parents, reading and taking courses. I am also a Level 100 USSA Coach. I have a lifelong appreciation for and love of sport. Specifically, I believe there are profound life lessons we can take from ‘lifetime’ sports. I began my sporting life as a runner at age 9. At age 12 I was 2nd in the nation as an “IronKid” Triathlete. As a cyclist at age 15 I spent my first season finishing last in races. Two years later I was named to the US Junior National Cycling team and represented our country in Western Europe. To this day I am so grateful to the experiences and lessons I have accumulated through sport – sportsmanship, teamwork, perseverance, self-discipline. I am passionate about helping young athletes experience those same lessons. I continue to be an active runner, cyclist and skier. In my spare time, I run a boutique investment advisory firm in Boulder, KilterHowling LLC. I have a Bachelor’s in Finance from CU Boulder and am also a CFA Charterholder. 
My son Aidan is a U-12, in his sixth year with EMSC. My daughter Nella is a U-10 in her fifth year with EMSC. My wonderful wife of 18 years, Sonya, is the patient partner behind all this madness. She has weathered, with me, the craziness of that first season into our roles as wizened veterans of YSL. The long weekends, mad dashes back to school on a Monday morning and my late nights tuning skis.