Lara McDermott

I have been on the LERT Board for 6 months. My kids (Ray 16 and John 14) both skied in the EMSC program as YSL and CORE racers. The skills and life lessons they both received during their 10 years with EMSC will help guide them for the rest of their lives. My goal as a member of the Board is to work to ensure that kids continue to get the opportunity to grow and learn in a great ski and bike program that is inclusive and fun for the athletes, their parents and coaches. As the volunteer coordinator for EMSC for the past three seasons of ski racing I have worked hard to include parents and families to participate in the club fundraisers and on mountain races. Continuing in this role for this season my goal is to open up new opportunities for families, parents and alumni athletes to join in the volunteer process that has allowed the club to attain a great reputation as the host team. As the club looks at new and creative opportunities for the future I look forward to participating with other board members and membership to open new doors for EMSC and SMBA.