About Us

Lake Eldora Race Team!

The Lake Eldora Race Team (LERT) was formed in 1975 to support local interest in ski racing.  Although, the organization was originally named for the Eldora Resort, which opened under the name Lake Eldora, The Lake Eldora Race Team was and remains an independent organization.

The organization focused on providing a team centered racing experience for those who love to ski race in the 70’s and 80’s, catering to all ages.  In the mid 90’s, LERT became a more formal entity providing ski racing programs to young skiers on the Front Range.  Professional coaching staff and a director of operations developed highly focused programs.  As LERT evolved through the decades it introduced programming for every season, including, Skiing, Snowboarding, and mountain biking.  LERT is now the parent company of Eldora Mountain Ski & Snowboard Club (EMSC) and Singletrack Mountain Bike Adventures (SMBA).

EMSC has emerged as a top team and program in the Rocky Mountain Division.  There are ski and snowboard racing, freeride/freestyle ski and snowboard, and all mountain programs offered.  All these programs are built to introduce kids and young adults to the competitive world of skiing and snowboarding.  EMSC offers an array of programs to a diverse group of athletes with a wide range of ability.  

 Founded in 1993, SMBA is the longest running, independent, non-profit junior mountain bike program in Colorado.  Our programs introduce young riders to the exhilaration and adventure of the sport.  Through daily riding challenges, epic singletrack, and team building activities, riders soon learn the technique and tactics to master any trail.

EMSC and SMBA make up LERT the 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.  This organization holds fundraising events, has a team of talented directors, and coaches with proficient skiing, snowboarding, and cycling experience to head a series of formal programs.  LERT takes pride in creating opportunities for all kids no matter their financial background to experience these amazing sports.  In sports that have economic barriers, LERT’s approach is to offer world class coaching, equipment, and transportation to/from the mountains and trails at an affordable price.

Athlete Testimonials

Cliff Bennett of EMSC parlayed his skills onto to become a professional big mountain skier winning countless national championships and the coveted Sick Bird Award. Many years after competing he is still appearing in skiing commercials with the likes of Tommy Moe, a household name in the industry.

“LERT/EMSC was the foundation and inspiration for me to follow my skiing dreams!”


Joey Schusler of SMBA went on to become a heavily decorated collegiate and professional mountain biker on the world cup circuit and is also a well-known outdoor documentary filmmaker. He is truly an iconic figure in the community.

“SMBA has been one of the most formative and valuable experiences of my life. I rode with the program from age 9-18. Looking back and connecting the dots on where my life is at now, I can say with confidence that it all really began with SMBA and I would not be where I am at today with out the experience. On top of giving me a platform to learn to ride well, it gave me confidence, and a support system to dive into racing at an early age. So many good times and valuable lessons learned riding with SMBA.”


Timmy Duggan of SMBA went on to become a US Pro National Champion and a 2012 Olympian. He also created the Just Go Harder Foundation that has raised funds for youth ski and biking programs and has been a huge support of SMBA.

“SMBA was the catalyst for my success on and off my bike. This experience gave me character, strength, and confidence to carry on through all my endeavors in life.”


Storm Klomhaus of EMSC has been a champion in almost everything she does!  She not only won the U14 national Championships, the U16 National Championships, and the U12 Slalom at the National Championships, but she was invited to join the US Ski Team and turned it down in order to take a full academic scholarship at the University of Denver where she is currently following her dream to become a dermatologist.