2023/2024 EMSC Season

Please understand the season is “subject to change”.  We appreciate your participation and involvement in our programs and we look forward to a successful season of development, community, and building champions in sport and in life.

Frequently Asked Questions:

The parking system for the 23/24 season at Eldora is first come first serve.

Single Occupancy Vehicles are charged $10 on weekends and days with 10″ or more of snowfall. 

 We highly recommend that EMSC members arrive at the mountain with ample time to park.

 Van transportation is available for our Core, Freestyle / Freeride, and Lights on Chute Programs. Van transportation is not available for YSL (JR Race) or Devo athletes. 

VAN ACCOUNTS: For athletes who intend to ride in the van, families must deposit funds into a Van Account prior to their athlete’s first ride of the season and keep the account current. Families with multiple athletes only need 1 account. 

Athletes with zero or minus balances in their account will not be allowed to ride in the vans.

Click here to set up a van account, or deposit funds into your van account



Race and competition schedules will be provided to the participant by the Head Coach or Director of your group or program. 

Please do not attend any training, race, or competition if you are sick, or have any symptoms or have been exposed to COVID19. 

Anyone who has symptoms or has tested positive for COVID-19 is not permitted to participate, should follow current public health guidelines.


  • Program Fees

The Program Fee is based on the selected program option.  It includes a $3 membership fee for voting rights to the Eldora Mountain Ski Club and a minimum of $250 nonrefundable deposit that is due upon registration for all programs. 

Camp and Special Programs Fees include a nonrefundable deposit of $150 for mini skills camps and $50 for all add-on programs.

Program fees may be paid in full, paid in installments through Active, or paid via 3-5 checks to be cashed each month. Please contact trish@lertprograms.com if you would like to opt for check payments.

  • Cancellation Prior to Start of Season

A registration may be cancelled up to 24 hours prior to the start of the first day of your program and refunded (minus the $250 deposit or deposit stated for the program) by contacting the LERT Office (trish@lertprorams.com or jim@lertprograms.com)

  • Refund Policy

Partial program fees will only be eligible to be refunded to those who drop out of the program during the first 25% of the season.  In addition, a portion of the fees will be considered to be non-refundable (the $250 deposit). Other non-refundable portions include any fees that EMSC incurs due to the athlete enrolling (RMD, USSA, Etc.).  The remaining fees will be prorated for the time the athlete has participated.

  • Refund due to Injury

Injury refunds will be given only for season-ending injuries.  For an injury refund a note from a medical doctor attesting to the season ending nature of the injury will be required.  A portion of the fees will be non-refundable ($250 deposit). The remaining fees will be prorated for the time the athlete has participated.

  • COVID19 Related Cancellations

If all training options must be cancelled for at least 3 consecutive weeks due to COVID19 between the first scheduled program training day and March 1st, 2024 members are eligible for a partial credit for future programming. After March 1st, no COVID19 related refunds will be issued.  Partial credit amounts will be determined based on the percentage of programming that took place prior to the cancellation and vary depending on each program.

Governing bodies (such as Eldora, Boulder County, CDC, USSA) may place additional COVID19 related restrictions on our operations.  As well, competitions could be changed or canceled.  These restrictions and cancellations are outside of the control of LERT Programs and will not be a cause for refunds.

Work credit refunds will be issued for hours fulfilled.  Upon a cancellation due to COVID19, work credits will only be issued if volunteering was already scheduled to occur but was cancelled or the entire season is cancelled before January 1, 2023.

Any partial refunds or credits will be issued after April 15th, 2023.

  • Late Fees

All extra training fees (early training, dryland, event van fees, etc.) are due no later than the start date of the event.  All fees not paid by the start date will be subject to a $50 late fee.

  • Family Discount

Families with two or more participants will receive a $100 discount per additional athlete through registration for season long programs.