Sir Winston’s Winter Run, also known as Bonanza at Eldora, is a celebration of expanding the base area training venue to further provide outstanding terrain for EMSC athletes. Easily accessed from either the Chute Poma Lift, or from the high speed Alpenglow lift, athletes have the option for a variety of event disciplines from GS and Slalom, to parallel panel slalom and more – all on a moderate pitch that promotes solid fundamentals, carving a clean ski, and dynamic movement throughout the turn.


Sir Winston, EMSC’s favorite Team Mascot, along with the generous support of the Helton Family, has provided valuable funding for the arena and our scholarship fund.  This, along with other kind donors and volunteers has helped in the creation of a world class START HOUSE for Bonanza, as well as additional safety measures such as Bnet for athletes.


Sir Winston frequently visits our team when we are training on Chute and makes appearances at other various events such as the Eldora Cup.  He is proudly represented on many of our team photos and loved by our athletes as they hang out in the finish arena!

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