Dry Land Training provides the athlete with the strength and conditioning required to compete at their top potential. Workouts will focus on increasing core strength, balance and agility; all essential elements for the explosive and athletic movement required in alpine ski racing. These sessions will be lead by EMSC ski coaches and qualified athletic trainers.

U16 and U19 dryland program:

  • Dryland start date for both will be August 5th, 2019
  • Tuesday/Thursday at ATC w/ Connie
  • Monday/Wednesday/Friday at various places in boulder
  • Times will vary from early mornings before school starts to 4:30-6:30 pm (which will be indicated in weekly emails)
  • Athletes will meet at the EMSC offices each day unless otherwise indicated via weekly emails and LERT schedule

U14 dryland program:

  • Dryland start date will be August 19th, 2019
  • Monday/Wednesday at ATC w/ Connie
  • Tuesdays/most Thursdays at various places in Boulder (some Thursdays will be OFF depending on the work out load of the week)
  • U14’s will meet at the office at 3:45 pm on M/W to head to Connie’s and meet at the office on T/TH at 4:00 pm; pick up will be at 6:00 pm each day at the EMSC offices
  • I know that two different start times is sometimes tricky with the parents- but it’s the only way we can work it with Connie and get there on time for M/W workouts…


King Soopers Fundraiser


Go to:


Log in or Create an account. You’ll need either you KS card # or your alternate ID, usually a phone #.

Once your account is created, go to ‘Savings & Rewards’, click on ‘King Soopers Community Rewards’.

In the search field enter our name Lake Eldora Racing Team Association or JX838 and click on enroll.

EMSC/SMBA starts earning money and EMSC parents can earn a work credit or credits depending on how much you spend. No more buy a $5 card and load it, reload it etc. Just use your normal KS card/phone number!

  • Dates:
  • Early Bird Price
  • Price
  • Days
  • Time
Age Class
  • Aug. 21st - Nov. 9th
  • $357
  • $375
  • Tues. / Thurs.
  • 4:00pm - 6:00pm
U16 & Ability Part Time
  • Aug. 21st - Dec. 15th
  • $570
  • $600
  • Mon. - Fri.
  • 4:00pm - 6:00pm