Chris Munro

The LERT programs and community have been an inspiration to me as they bring opportunity, enrichment and excitement to all those involved. Having the privilege to serve on the LERT Board of Directors has allowed me to combine my experience in ski racing, bike racing and working in the Outdoor industry all into one. Focused on supporting the fundraising efforts and SMBA programs has allowed me to enhance the opportunities for all the kids involved and provide operational backing where needed by and for the organization.

With 2 girls that are actively athletes in both EMSC and SMBA, I have seen the life building success that the staff, coaches and LERT community instill upon all the athletes involved. I am passionate to find new ways to support the growth and development of the athletes and programs so we can expand the opportunities for all involved. There is a positive energy and dedication at LERT that is rare and it is my desire to strengthen and support this for the long-term.


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