Happy New Year to All!!!

Our season is in full swing with work being done in Skills Quest and turn shape development and mileage.  It has been fun to see the improvement across our groups along with the blossoming of athlete personalities as they get comfortable with their coaches and teammates.  

January begins our event season with the Skills Quest Extravaganza in Vail.  This event features a half day of Skills Quest testing and a half day free ski scavenger hunt all over Vail.  The 4 activities being tested will be: Straight Run to Side Slip to Edge Set, Pole Jumpers, Outside Ski Turns and Free Skiing with Pole Usage.  Awards will be presented to the Top 10 in each age class and gender based on the average of scores across the 4 stations.

January Tips for all:

  • Ski Maintenance is key to development in our sport.  Having consistently tuned skis give athletes a consistent feel during both training and competition.  
  • I will be looking to schedule a Ski Tuning Clinic for all later in January so parents can learn how to maintain equipment between shop tunes. Email will be sent with date/time /location.
  • There will be bumps in the road, take a deep breath and have a laugh but also learn how to problem solve and not repeat mistakes.

Jocelyn, the staff and I are excited to continue to work on your athletes with the goal of making them Amazing and Confident skiers who are Faster than You!!  Remember don’t wait to reach out with questions or concerns as we are all here to support athlete development and growth.


Eric Vogel
EMSC YSL Director
Rocky Division YSL Chairman

Equipment Update: Now that we have started our season it is important to get into the habit of keeping our skis in consistently good shape to maximize the athletes ability to learn and train new skills.  This can be accomplished in a variety of ways:

Next is to go shopping and below are some good places to start:

  • Maintenance of the shop tune can be done at home in your garage or basement with some highly discounted tuning equipment from Swix/Toko, a wireless speaker, a few good beverages and a little elbow grease.

January Swix Newsletter

January Toko Newsletter

Also for Swix Orders follow the below:

Log in/Create account:  https://teamswix.com/club/?v=Register

Code: club-eldo-58EbUXkO

 Questions?? Reach out to myself or your head coaches.